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Responsibility and rational agency in the early greek commentators on Aristotle ́s Nicomachean Ethics

Erik Eliasson

Eliasson's current research deals mainly with the early reception of Aristotle's philosophy of action. The project located at the Swedish Institute in rome is funded by the Swedish Research Council. It focuses on the three early Greek commentators on Aristotle s Ethics in the 2nd century AD, Aspasius, the Anonymous Scholiast on EN II-V, and Alexander of Aphrodisias, who transformed his philosophy of action in a number of ways. While previous research has focused on specific problems in these texts, the present project adopts a thematical approach along three main themes:
1) Modalities and the ontology of action: The new notion of a capacity to do otherwise; 2) Rationality in Action: Action explanations and the new taxonomy of the capacities of the soul and 3) Conditions of voluntary action, responsibility, praise and blame.

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