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Stipendiater och forskare

Filtrera rubrik 
Visa # 
# Rubrik
41 Monica Hellström: To build for romanis suis. Public construction during the reign of Diocletian
42 Stipendiater och forskare 2011-2012
43 Stefano Fogelberg Rota
44 Per Sandström
45 Robert Azar
46 "Achitectonic Additions in Churches". A historical study of architecture with contemporary connection in Sweden
47 Stipendiater och forskare 2010-2011
48 Stipendiater 2009-2010

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Nya publikationer

Topoi, topographies and travellers

Papers of a conference at the Swedish Institute for Classical Studies in Rome, 10–12 November 2016

Edited by Stefano Fogelberg Rota & Anna Blennow

Projects & Seminars 6 The Swedish Institute in Rome 2019


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