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Stipendiater och forskare

Filtrera rubrik 
Visa # 
# Rubrik
1 Maria Oen, The Locus of Truth: Birgitta of Sweden and the Journey to Jerusalem & Ambivalent Images of Authorship
2 Fredrik Torisson, Roma Termini Reframed (RTR)
3 Hampus Olsson, Ager Bleranus 450-50BC – Cultural change in a South Etruscan town and hinterland
4 Jennie Sjöholm: Heritagisation in built environments’
5 Claudia Zichi: Use of Fiction in Plato and Thucydides
6 Aske Damtoft Poulsen, Peace and Power in the Roman Principate
7 Danilo Marco Campanaro, Illumination matters: telling things of the past in a new light.
8 Stipendiater och forskare 2018-2019
9 Fanny Kärfve, Greeting the visitor in Pompeii. Roman fauces mosaics contextualised
10 Peter Carelli, Brave New Urban World: The Emergence of Urban Identity in Medieval Europe, c. 1000–1300
11 Cecilia Sandström, Encountering Environment. Ecology, production and trading network on Monte Polizzo and Western Sicily 600-500 BC
12 Hannes Frykholm, Imperial thresholds: an architectural inventory of the gates in the Aurelian Wall
13 Mikael Andersson, Hendrik Christian Andersen and the Age of Urbanism. Utopia and Urbanization in Rome between Tradition and Modernity
14 David Dunér, Emanuel Swedenborg’s Italian Journey
15 Stipendiater och forskare 2017-2018
16 Helena Westerlind - The Liquid Stone Cookbook
17 Johan Eriksson
18 Greger Sundin
19 Tuomo Nuorluoto
20 Hampus Olsson

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