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Astrid Nilsson

Pipino's Marco Polo translation - preparing a critical edition

The tale of Marco Polo's travels in Asia of was originally written in a mixture of French and Italian, in the 1290s. It was quickly translated into multiple languages and very widely read. A very important translation was the one made by Friar Francesco Pipino in the early 14th century; he translated the work into Latin and to edited it to a certain extent. This was the form in which Marco Polo was read by the learned Europe of the Middle Ages, and the popularity is easily seen from the fact that over a hundred manuscripts are extant today. Despite the important of this particular translation, however, there is still no critical edition of the Latin text, possibly due to the arduous task of having to deal with so great a number of manuscripts scattered over the world. The aim of this project is to begin the preparation of such an edition, starting from the nine manuscripts kept in Rome.

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