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Anna Gustavsson

Archaeology in the making. Swedish research in Italy 1870–1920

My dissertation’s working title is Archaeology in the making. Swedish research in Italy 1870–1920. I am analyzing the formative period of the archaeological disciplines, focusing on connections between Italian and Swedish scholars.  Dimensions of knowledge production and archaeological practices are scrutinized, with special focus on the Italian protostoria.  The main objects of study, serving as a prism to elucidate questions on the scholar´s individual day-to-day work om a micro level, but also on a macro level, is the archaeologist Oscar Montelius (1843 – 1921) and his wife Agda Montelius (1950–1920). I study their travels to Italy and OM´s massive work on Italian prehistory, published in five volumes from 1895 to 1910.  The source material includes travel notes, correspondence, nineteenth century museum collections and archaeological publications from the era.


  • LAT202 Latinsk epigrafik 7,5 hp VT 2020

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  • I höst utlyser Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) medel till kostnader för vetenskapligt arbete vid de svenska Medelhavsinstituten i Aten, Istanbul och Rom

    Forskare kan söka medel för att bedriva vetenskapligt arbete inom områdena humaniora, samhällsvetenskap, juridik och religionsvetenskap. Med vetenskapligt arbete avses här forskning och annat avancerat arbete av vetenskaplig karaktär vid museer, arkiv och bibliotek eller motsvarande.

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  • Institutets verksamhetsberättelse 2018


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