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Anna Wainwright and Unn Falkeid


The Legacy of Birgitta of Sweden: Women, Politics and Reform in Renaissance Italy


Birgitta of Sweden (1303–1373) lived in Rome the last twenty-three years of her life. The same period represents the peak of her literary production. A central part of her extensive work, Revelaciones (Celestial Revelations) was penned in Italy, either by herself or by her scribes. By the end of the century Birgitta’s entire oeuvre was collected and revised for her canonization petition in 1378. Contemporaneously, the Latin manuscripts of Birgitta’s Revelaciones circulated widely in Italy. The manuscripts were copied, translated, and gathered in different compilations, and later printed in both Latin and Italian editions. Birgitta’s work comes at the starting point for women writers in early modern Italy. In the following generation, we find two towering female writers, Catherine of Siena and Christine de Pizan, both of whom Birgitta obviously influenced. But how did Birgitta’s work impact future generations of female humanists and intellectuals? What links might there be between Birgitta and Italian Renaissance women writers, from the early fifteenth century to the age of Queen Christina of Sweden (1626–1689)? Professors Unn Falkeid and Anna Wainwright will discuss the project, and Dr. Victor Frans will then present the in-progress project database.

Tidgare Seminarier

10 oktober

Birte Bruchmüller (University of Gothenburg): The revival of a classical beauty ideal within Nordic symbolism and art nouveau.


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