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Matter of memory

Lars Almgren

The project’s aim is to investigate the matter of memory through the city of Rome.
The city works as a collective recollection of the past, where the urban fabric, the buildings and houses, record and recall the city’s history,
shaping its identity. All cities must transform to accommodate conditions in Rome this seems to very difficult, due to the fact that the city is field
with many of the most important monuments and relics in world history.
How can architecture inscribe itself as an additional layer to the exsting - an architectural palimpsest - validating the existing architectural characterand the design of new interventions, creating a more dynamic and diverse
city, where different memories can coexist?
Committed to the idea of the palimpsest, I intend to overlay different techniques and scales of representation, where methods of superimposition and composite imagery will reflect the character of the palimpsest, relating
different times and scales to each other.
My investigations will be represented in a series of drawings, texts and a selection of appropriate media that will describe my working process and final proposal.

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