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Grazia Deledda. The Itinerary of a Nobel Laureate’s Neglected Authorship

Italian twentieth century women writers (Grazia Deledda in the upper right corner)

Despite being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1926, Grazia Deledda (1871-1936) has a neglected position in Italian literature. This project aims to investigate why and explain the shifting position and status of her authorship in Italy by studying the criticism and readings of Grazia Deledda’s books, from the beginning of the century until today. The author also had a particular reception in Sweden, which this project aims to analyze. Many of her books were published in Swedish before and around the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1926. But the last book was translated into Swedish in 1931 and since then there has been silence. The objective of this project is thus to identify and reconstruct what Deledda’s position is and has been. In Italy from the inception of the work, the writing and publishing of her books in the early twentieth century – going through the Nobel Prize in 1926, the Fascist regime in Italy, her death in 1936, the second world war, post war – and then a fast forward – feminism in the seventies and up until today. In Sweden, the land of Nobel, the Deleddian reception means the readings of a translated work. I will verify is where if the national reception in the case of Deledda is reflected abroad and particularly in Sweden, and where if the force of the national reputation has in fact been stronger than the power of a Nobel Prize, which normally generates a great deal of prestige and interest for an author.

PhD Karin Dahl
Research interests:Translation Studies, Canonization, Cross-Cultural Communication, Cultural Identity
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