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Anna Gustavsson

Archaeology in the service of the Nation: Italy and Sweden.  An analysis of the archaeological discipline's development in the late 1800s, in the light of personal networks, national institutions and international congresses.
Anna Gustavsson (Gothenburg)
M.A. in Classical Archaeology and Ancient history
M.A. in Archaeology

My project´s overall aim is to analyze how modern archaeology developed in Sweden and Italy in the late 1800's and how this process can be understood in terms of the internationalization and institutionalization of the archeological discipline which took place at the same time. The study is based on archive material such as private correspondence between some of the most visible individuals in the process, who also had a great impact on the museum system and were responsible for the first exhibitions at National museums in Italy and Sweden.

These two nations, with very different historical backgrounds, had by the late 1800s a close and dynamic archaeological connection due to the contact between the small groups of leading scholars in each country. The analysis is based on primary sources that have not been studied before. In Sweden, three men were responsible for the archaeological exhibition at the National Museum: Bror Emil Hildebrand (1806-1884), Hans Hildebrand (1842-1913) and Oscar Montelius (1843-1921). These men were essentially equal to the Swedish archeology, which received wide international recognition at the end of the 1800s. When participating in international archaeological conferences and performing research and fieldtrips in Italy, they got to know Italian scholars like Edoardo Brizio, Luigi Pigorini and Felice Barnabei. Pigorini was director of the Museo Nazionale Preistorico and Barnabei the Museo Nazionale delle Antichità in Rome. Edoardo Brizio was responsible for the Museo Civico in Bologna.

As holder of the Lerici scholarship (March - June 2012) I will be conducting archive studies in Rome, Bologna and Padua. I am interested in getting in contact with researchers who are studying similar topics, i.e. the history of archaeology, museology and related research areas.

Nya publikationer

Annual of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome, vol. 9, 2016


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