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Agneta Freccero

Agneta Freccero ( Den här e-postadressen är skyddad från spamrobotar. Du måste tillåta Javascript för att visa e-postadressen ) is an artist and researcher. After obtaining the doctoral degree at the Institute of Conservation at Gothenburg Unversity (ICUG), she has been engaged in several interdisciplinary projects aiming at the understanding of ancient materials used for art and crafts, often with focus set at conservation. In the period between 1999 and 2001 she had assignments in the Institute projects at San Lorenzo in Lucina in Rome, the Villa of Livia at Prima Porta outside Rome and the Swedish archaeological research project at Pompeii. In 1998 she initiated a didactic conservation project at Villa San Michele at the island of Capri, aiming at maintenance and conservation of Axel Munthe’s antiques collection. The project was concluded when the students at ICUG completed their studies in 2001. Based on such experiences she created, in collaboration with two Italian conservators, the didactic research- and conservation project at Palazzo Lancellotti ai Coronari in Rome, which developed into an extended international collaboration, published in 2008. A main objective in all conservation projects has been, and still is, to work carefully and with simple methods, to study antique and traditional materials and to learn how modern conservation substances, in a longer time perspective, function in open air environments.  

At present, Agneta Freccero is running a research project financed by the Swedish research Council, regarding plasters used for wall decorations at Pompeii. The differences in plaster’s composition are studied by various means with the objective of creating a structure which can be used to determine the period in which the decorations were made. The project is carried out in collaboration with international archaeological teams and with scientists at research laboratories in Italy. She also studies decorated plasters in ancient Roman villas for international teams in Italy and Greece, and works with conservation related issues in the Swedish archaeological research project at Labraunda, Turkey.



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Scientific articles

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