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The Republican Forum Romanum

Henrik Gerding, Nicolò Dell’Unto

The Forum Romanum constituted the religious, political, economic and administrative centre of Rome for more than a millennium. During this time it went through several changes. It transformed from a liminal zone in the periphery of the Iron Age settlements into a communal space and sacred ground; later into an arena for political struggle and civic ambition; and finally into a showcase for Imperial power and authority. New buildings were constantly being added and old ones rebuilt or replaced. This project deals with the architectural and spatial development of the Republican Forum Romanum. Of particular interest is the spatial configuration of the central Forum area in the mid- and late Republican periods. Thus, in a way, the study connects to the very first archaeological excavation in the Forum Romanum, conducted by the Swedish diplomat Carl Fredrik Fredenheim in 1788–89.

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Det svenska Pompeiiprojektet

Det svenska Pompejiprojektet vid Lunds universitet i samarbete med Svenska Institutet i Rom har tagit fram en ny 3D-film om Caecilius Iucundus hus i det kvarter i Pompeji som projektet undersöker (insula V,1). Arbetet har finansierats av Stiftelsen Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs minnesfond och Familjen Rausings Stiftelse (Fondazione Famiglia Rausing).

För att se filmen, klicka på denna länk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETd7pszxhnc

För mer information om Pompejiprojektet: http://www.pompejiprojektet.se/

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