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The Harald and Tonny Hagendahl Memorial Fund Grants for Research on Classical Antiquity

The Hagendahl Memorial Fund awards grants to scholars working within the area of Classical Antiquity, putting an emphasis on studies on the Latin Language, Roman Literature and History. Grants may be received by individual scholars or organisations promoting these studies. Grants are awarded to support scholarly studies, conference participation, writing a scholarly paper, or project work. Read more

Memorie d'inciampo all'Istituto Svedese di Studi Classici a Roma

L'11 gennaio 2017 si è inaugurata sulla scalinata dell'Istituto Svedese di Studi Classici a Roma l'ottava edizione del progetto Memorie d'inciampo a Roma
Tra l'11 e il 12 gennaio l'artista tedesco Gunter Demnig ha installato personalmente 24 Stolpersteine (pietre d’inciampo) a Roma, nei marciapiedi prospicienti le abitazioni di deportati razziali e politici. Tre di esse hanno trovato collocazione ai piedi della scalinata dell’Istituto Svedese.

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News from The Swedish Pompeii Project

The Swedish Pompeii Project at Lund University in collaboration with The Swedish Institute in Rome has produced a new 3D-film on the house of Caecilius Iucundus in the Insula V,1 at Pompeii. By combining traditional archaeology with 3D technology, researchers at Lund University in Sweden have managed to reconstruct a house in Pompeii to its original state before the volcano eruption of Mount Vesuvius thousands of years ago. Unique video material has now been produced, showing their creation of a 3D model of an entire block of houses.

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