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The building

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Architect: Ivar Tengbom
Building leader: Oscar Sitte
Date of construction: 1938-1940, addition (guestwing/foresteria) 1964
Furnishing: Carl Malmsten (furniture), Märta Måås-Fjätterström, among others
The building was actualised after an agreement between the Swedish and the Italian states in 1937 and it is the property of the Swedish state. Both the original building and the addition were financed with funds from Knut and Alice Wallenberg’s fund. The aim was to offer an example of modern Swedish architecture and interior design. Prince Eugen, chairman of the interior decoration committee, painted a version of “The Cloud” (Molnet) for the conference room. In 1956 Olga Milles donated Carl Mille’s sculpture “Sun glitter” (Solglitter) to decorated the main square. The addition of a guest wing in 1964 was constructed by the architect firm, Anders Tengbom. During a new major rebuilding in 1987-88, a new seminar room was built.

Thursday October 17, 17.00

Research Seminar

Victoria Moses (University of Arizona): Meat and the Birth of Rome.


In the 9th-5th centuries BCE, Rome changed rapidly from a small settlement of huts into a fortified urban center. The physical reorganization of the city is inseparable from the social transformations that went along with it, including changes in social roles, economics, and religion. I investigate the emergence of urbanism in Rome and its environs through zooarchaeology, or the study of animal remains from archaeological sites, to demonstrate what early Romans ate and what they sacrificed during this time of transition and how meat relates to the foundation of Rome.


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